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Eye Health Services with Specialist Eye Doctor


We Provide these Vision Care Services:

Comprehensive Vision Examination

Vision exams for the whole family!

Vision Therapy for All Ages

Vision Therapy for Learning Disabilities and/or Learning-related Vision Problems, such as or related to:

  • Dyslexia, Dyslexic
  • Eye Tracking Problems
  • Eye Teaming, Depth Perception, Binocular Vision Problems
  • Reading and/or Writing Problems
  • Sensory Processing Disorders and/or Visual Processing

Specialized Testing and Treatment for Binocular Vision Disorders, such as:

Vision Rehabilitation Therapy and/or Prism Lenses for the Treatment of Patients with:

Treatment and/or Prescriptions for Stress-related Visual Problems, including Eyestrain, Blurry or Blurred Vision from Reading, Close work, Computers, Phones, Media, Devices such as:

Sports Vision Training based on Specialized Assessment and Testing.

Find out about Eye-Hand-Body Exercises that Improve Coordination, Balance and Reaction Time for All Ages