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I’m not exaggerating when I say that my daughter had a truly miraculous recovery from her serious Visual Processing Disorder after just 4 months of Syntonics and Vision Therapy with Dr. Lessmann and Maria.

At 11 years old, her reading was a slow, halting, painful process; it took an hour to read a paragraph. She was reading at an early second grade level, and comprehending very little. After one course of Syntonics and one course of Vision Therapy at the Vision Development Institute, she was reading fluently at a sixth grade (or better!) level! She is more coordinated, finally able to jump rope, catch a ball, throw a frisbee, and be “normal”. Her personality and confidence are blossoming.

The truly remarkable thing is that we had already gone through two courses of Vision Therapy with a different area specialist who relies primarily on high-tech treatments and computer based home therapies; these had barely moved the needle on my daughter’s reading and coordination troubles and she hated the computer based homework. So after thousands of dollars and months of driving and hundreds of hours of working at it, we had little to show.

When I found Dr. Lessman, I hesitated – but only for a minute. After my first telephone conversation with him, I had new hope. After meeting him, watching him work with her, and seeing his decidedly low-tech tools and approach, I was all in. He is an insightful, dedicated doctor with an amazingly professional AND intuitive grasp of his patients’ needs. He has been positive, straightforward, helpful, kind, and, most of all, EFFECTIVE! We owe Dr. Lessman a lot. My daughter has tears in her eyes whenever we talk about how grateful she is for Dr. Lessman and Maria and her newfound ability to read “like a normal person”. We can’t thank you all enough!

- Theresa S. - Patient Review - April 16, 2018